• The load on the spine unevenly, and mostly it falls in the lower back. A malaise in this Department due to many reasons, as indicators of various diseases.
  • If a person has a sore side from two sides from the back, then this may indicate the presence of various diseases, pathological processes and malfunctions of the body.
  • Almost every person there is pain in the muscles of the back. It arises in elderly people and young people. Her appearance may be a harmless phenomenon or to indicate that a person develops a serious disease.
  • The causes of this condition are different – trauma injuries, the development of degenerative processes, diseases of internal organs.
  • Every man at least once in life faced with the problem, when back pain in the lumbar region. This symptom is often caused by prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable position. Pain is safe and disappears after rest.
  • And nagging pain in the side from the back, between shoulder blades and lower back – all this has its specific causes, symptoms and treatments....
  • Often disease of the back accompanied by pain, which gives to the limbs. If the back pain radiates to the leg, called sciatica syndrome in
  • Pain under left shoulder blade in the back from the back is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which impairs the mobility of the person, degrades its performance. Noted that in some pathologies such discomfort can survive even during the recreation of man.
  • In the morning some of us it is extremely difficult to get out of bed, and need to spend some time to make at least some moves, as they say, to leave, to somehow to reduce the discomfort.
  • Lower back pain while driving and turning to the body, breathing is a dangerous symptom of neglect of the disease.
  • Why back pain? This may be for many reasons: problems with the spine, muscular frame. But the pain could be radiating: that is such when in fact hurts one entity and a person feels pain in a different....
  • For what reasons have pain in back and stomach, and what needs to be done to alleviate their condition?
  • Many women (about 50-70%) appear back pain in pregnancy at any stage. Back pain during pregnancy can be both weak and very strong and cause a lot of unpleasant moments.
  • Cervical thoracic osteochondrosis, which hurt his hands and feet, is a corrosion of the intervertebral disc located in the cervical spine.
  • We heard enough already about what the worst pain in the neck and back can occur due to the fault between the vertebrae hernia, and if there is strong pain, go to the doctor in anticipation of the terrible sentence.
  • Independently to diagnose the cause of pain under the right shoulder blade in the back from behind is always difficult, as this symptom accompanies many ailments, including a fracture of the scapula.
  • Back pain is the most common cause of doctor visits and filing sick leave from work and school. In most cases to effectively get rid of pain without surgery or drugs.
  • Back pain – an unpleasant manifestation of many diseases or strong muscles for other reasons.
  • In this article we will discuss the prevention of joint damage, for example, the most common today diseases of the musculoskeletal system – osteoarthritis.
  • Most often the pain appears in the elderly, but is sometimes accompanied by diseases that occur in young people and even children. Aching joints at different ages, but more often in women than in men. The pain may occur only at night or harass constantly be nagging or very strong — in any case, the pain gives a person a lot of trouble.
  • Sometimes the human body indicates certain problems pain. In this article I want to examine the most common causes of lower back pain in women.
  • Joint pain is one of the first positions among the most painful symptoms that are painful and problems with the musculoskeletal system. According to estimates of doctors, this problem develops in almost half of the population of the planet.