Stomach pain gives back: what is the evidence and what to do?...

Often patients wonder whether to ache from the stomach. Yes, it can, and it's fairly common. However, the pain in my stomach and back simultaneously may have completely different origins.

Some of the symptoms characteristic of more dangerous diseases of the stomach, some for the less dangerous, but sore stomach and back simultaneously, you must immediately consult a doctor.


During exacerbation of pain often combined together in the stomach and the back (lower back – often in other parts of the back frequently).

How to distinguish exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease? First begins abruptly sick to your stomach, and it happens immediately after eating.

If the attack ends in vomiting with a pronounced sour taste, but after it becomes much easier – it's almost 100% a manifestation of it is the exacerbation of the ulcers.

Also characteristic symptom is heartburn. Pain can occur with increased physical activity or immediately after it.

Stomach pain gives back1

If lie on side with legs bent and pulling them to the abdomen ("fetal position"), comes relief. Also sharp pain in the stomach radiating to the back may occur on an empty stomach.

In this case, after eating she usually goes. Back in the aggravation of ulcer can hurt very much, usually on the left, also it gives to the lower back, which patients can assume that they have signs of kidney problems.

It can also give in the chest and lower abdomen.

It is best in such a situation, not to self-medicate and consult a doctor.

He will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which necessarily will include:

  • receive pain medication;
  • the removal of the inflammatory process;
  • diet.

Modern vs ulcerative medicines can completely heal existing ulcers, but since this disease has the tendency to relapse is always necessary to follow a certain diet and undergo regular preventive examinations and treatment.

Perforated ulcer

Pain in the stomach radiating to the back may indicate a ruptured stomach or duodenum.

The pain occurs suddenly. Her power is that she barely tolerated. The patient, without exaggeration, frightening not only to move but to breathe.

Initially it is localized right above the navel, center of abdomen, also possible strong sensations in the right side, but rapidly spreads to the entire abdomen.

In the back it gives under the shoulder blade, and can also "capture" all the right side: shoulder, collarbone. To the left it gives much less.

The manifestation of such symptoms, especially if accompanied by a strong tension of abdominal muscles (it is getting very hard), you should immediately consult a doctor.

Treatment of perforated ulcer is always carried out surgically, and how much it will be successful – depends on exactly how timely it was developed.

During exacerbation of ulcer, the stomach pain greatly and gives back (lumbar). The pain occurs suddenly after a short period of time after a meal or on an empty stomach, and in the latter case, after eating it subsides.

It increases with load and at rest "releases". Promotes relief and some improvement in well-being, and vomiting (it will sour).

Acute pancreatitis

Severe stomach pain that radiates to the back, especially on the right, typical for acute pancreatitis. Especially if back pain is also quite intense.

The suddenness of the onset of pain is also characteristic for this disease. The pain is usually characterized by a feeling of fullness of the abdomen.

Most often she gives in the region of the scapula and the waist, at least – in the heart: it depends on what part of the pancreas is inflamed.

If stomach pain and back pain accompanied by vomiting is the probability that the patient tormented by it is the pancreatitis, very high, especially if vomiting does not bring relief.

If you are concerned about shingles pain stomach and back – this can also be a symptom of pancreatitis. This indicates a fairly severe stage of the disease.

Pancreatitis treatment, the more effective the sooner it is started. Otherwise, the disease may from the acute form can become chronic.

Please note: if pain in the back and in the stomach appeared almost simultaneously, and this occurred after 6-12 hours after a heavy meal, especially with alcohol, is almost certainly acute pancreatitis.

If stomach aches in the back and gives in the lower back – this may indicate the chronic form of pancreatitis. Usually at the same time concerned about human and pain in the upper abdomen.

Can these feelings be accompanied by jaundice, which indicates that the bile duct is strongly suppressed, and throughput of it is broken (or he is actually clogged).

Treatment for the chronic form of pancreatitis is already inefficient, it's main objective is to prevent the development of complications, which can be very serious.

Hepatic colic

Stomach aches and back and in hepatic colic. How to distinguish? Usually first there is a sharp pain in my side (in the right – the side from which the liver).

That is, in this case, the pain in the stomach and in the back are giving. It is strongest felt in the area of the clavicle and the sacrum, at least – under the shoulder blade and the base of the neck to the right. The attack lasts a long time – several hours and sometimes several days.

The attack may be accompanied by vomiting (and most likely the patient will vomit the bile). Probable is the increase in temperature.

You should immediately go to the doctor. In any case, you should not take painkillers, apply a hot water bottle! Also, the patient should refrain from taking food and drink.

For the treatment the doctor prescribes drugs, but the most important part of treatment is a very strict diet.


When the dull pain in stomach radiates to the back is evidence of gastritis, and that the disease is already in severe and advanced stage, and that inflammation is not only the stomach but other organs of the gastrointestinal tract: for example, pancreas or gall bladder.

To differentiate complicated from gastritis, degenerative disc disease, prescribe tests. The stronger stomach was hurt, the stronger will be the pain in the back.

In the treatment, in addition to medications, diet appointed. You must follow a diet after recovery to avoid relapse.

Should significantly reduce the servings of fatty and spicy foods. Low acidity should abandon the canned food and soda, at a high – dairy products.

Myocardial infarction

Stomach pain gives back2

When sore stomach and radiates to the back, while the person is in unconscious state, he has tachycardia, blood pressure falls, it may indicate a myocardial infarction, his so-called histological variant.

It is urgent to make a cardiogram.

So we see that it can from the stomach to ache, but not so simple:

  1. First, the pain may be shingles or give in any specific region of the back.
  2. Secondly, it can cover the body in different parts of the spine.
  3. Thirdly, it may not be pain in the stomach radiates to the back, and both areas give pain from another source (for example, this is possible with some cardiovascular diseases, including myocardial infarction, as well as in diseases of the lungs).

So the answer to the question "what to do" there is only one: immediately go to the doctor and faster to perform all assigned studies in order to proceed to the treatment of manifested diseases.

Absolutely impossible to leave these symptoms unattended in the hope that it was all gone, since a delay in treatment can lead to very sad consequences.

Can a stomach ache from the back? Yes, this is possible. For instance, the pain caused by degenerative disc disease, to distinguish from the pain of the digestive tract difficult.

The fact that the nervous provision of the organs of the abdominal cavity is a segment of the spine (its thoracic).

If the vegetative area of the spinal nerve root is affected, the organs undergo changes while the patient is still no discomfort does not feel. After some time appear unpleasant symptoms such as heartburn, nagging pain.

After the start of treatment some time later after a brief relief of the patient's condition deteriorates. This is due to the fact that instead of the treatment of osteochondrosis the treatment of gastritis.

If stomach pain becomes stronger when moving, which involved the thoracic spine, it is a sign that affected mid thoracic backs....