Pain under left shoulder blade in the back from behind: causes, treatment, what to do when sore left shoulder

So, if you look at the back back, we can see that the left blade is fixed to the ribs that comprise the rib cage. Between each of them there is the nerve and blood vessels are located in the recesses. Between the ribs are connected by ligaments and muscular system.

Closer to the center of the shoulder blade is placed spine, which is located within the spinal cord. From him and just leave all the nerves. Back muscles surrounding the shoulder blade, is well developed. Its purpose is to protect the left lung, heart, spleen, stomach and pancreas, as well as the thoracic aorta.

Back pain over left shoulder blade1

What are the factors that provoke pain syndrome?

Pain under left shoulder blade in the back from the back can be triggered by the following factors:

  1. A stomach ulcer. This is back pain increasing, it is associated with meals, but after the attack of vomiting she is getting weaker. An additional sign that an ulcer provokes pain, is the presence of regurgitation or heartburn. The discomfort is felt not only in the blade to the left, but can give to the sternum, left nipple. Move normally in this case, the patient is just not capable. If the pain is on the left side of the back appears too sharp, you need to immediately contact an ambulance.
  2. Acute pancreatitis. He, too, can cause quite severe pain in left back under shoulder blade. Feelings have their own character, in this case shingles, sudden.
  3. Autonomic crisis. The manifestation of the symptoms here are very bright. But pain behind the left back, the person has a feeling of compactness of the chest, heat in the same area, the inability to establish the exact localization of discomfort. The patient is not able to breathe normally, he has a heightened sense of anxiety, of fear. Not to say that this condition will pinpoint the location of pain. It often radiates to other parts of the body, even in the lower abdomen. The patient feeling a lump in my throat and suffocation.
  4. Myocardial infarction. It also causes severe pain in the region of the left scapula in the back from behind. This condition is often life threatening, so it should be time to recognize and begin treatment. The patient has burning sensation, he is not able to take a deep breath. The intensity of the pain on the left side of the back is very high, the patient is unresponsive to nitroglycerin, and the pathological condition lasts for more than 10 minutes. The disease is characterized by the fact that the patient during an attack often numb arm.
  5. Angina. This cardiovascular disease is also characterized by the presence of pain under the left shoulder blade and back. Pain this sharp, squeezing chest. The cause of this disease is the narrowing of the lumen of blood vessels. Provokes an attack of physical exercise, hypothermia, consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is able to weaken the nitroglycerin.
  6. Pathology of the respiratory system. If a person feels a constant pain syndrome rear from the back under the left shoulder blade, the cause of such condition is pneumonia or dry pleurisy. While unpleasant sensations accompany every deep breath, cough, sneezing. The pain will always be directed toward the affected lung. Its character may vary depending on the severity of the pathology: to be minor or become cutting, piercing.
  7. Dissecting aneurysm of the ascending aorta. Because of her stress on the valve between the left atrium and stomach increases. The heart can not be so quick to cope with its functions, as needed. This leads to stagnation of venous blood in the lungs, develops swelling. At the site of attachment of the aneurysm to the vessel, its wall becomes thinner and can rupture at any time. This will provoke a serious bleeding into the abdominal cavity.
  8. Two-phase ruptured spleen. This cause is very rare, however, and it is the place to be. Tissue damage represented by the body of the patient developing abdominal bleeding, which is almost impossible to stop. This condition requires immediate surgical treatment.
These pathologies need to identify as quickly as possible. Otherwise, given proper medical care, people can die.

What are the diseases of the supporting apparatus provoke the pain?

Cause of pain under the left shoulder blade in the back can lesions of the spine or other parts of the skeleton. You can identify such causes of discomfort:

  • Osteochondrosis of the neck. At the beginning of the development of the disease the feelings of the patient is difficult to determine, but they give in the direction of the nerve roots that are damaged. The pain is spontaneous, pull, can take place after having a warm bath. In the neck in the future there is a strong pinched nerves and blood vessels that does not go unnoticed. Additional symptom of a pathology is that the pain radiates to the arms. Developing degenerative disc disease neck most often those of people who intentionally or forced to lead a passive, sedentary lifestyle. With regard to the nature of the pain syndrome, then under the shoulder can ache, stabbing.
  • The defeat of the intercostal nerves. Presents as considered a common cause of back pain under the shoulder blade on the left. Deep breath, cough, inclination in the left side increases the pain. The feeling is very sharp, strong. If the pathology progresses, the pain under the shoulder blade, the back becomes burning in nature.
  • Scapula-rib syndrome. Feelings usually aching, nagging. Discomfort localized in the area above and under the scapula, below the shoulders. A feature of the pathology is that during the movement of the arm and shoulder you can hear the crunch. The cause of this disease becomes very severe physical stress, injury to specified body parts, hypothermia.
  • Malignant tumour affecting the skeleton. In this case, the blade is localized the tumor itself or its metastases.
  • Shoulder crunch. Presents the disease occurs not so often, and strikes under the shoulder bag. Pain here is not have high intensity. But while driving in the area of the blade heard the crunch.
  • Osteomyelitis arising out of injury to the specific nature, such as: injuries from weapons.
  • Shoulder scapular periarthritis. If it is a simple form of development, the feeling will not stand out too brightly. Symptoms are typically detected only with some movement. When the acute stage of the development of a pathology characterized by increased appearances, especially at night. In the shoulder limited mobility, there is an increase in basal body temperature, and muscle spasm.

Pain under left shoulder blade can be a symptom of severe pathology, especially if it has a burning, sharp or stabbing in nature. To provoke a pathological condition may even pregnancy. This period is characterized by the fact that the female body undergoes tremendous stress.

Before you start the treatment of a pathological condition, it is necessary to determine the cause of their appearance. Important to diagnose the nature of the pain syndrome. It can be:

  1. Shingles. The discomfort is localized in any one place. One feels it constantly. The patient cannot breathe, as it leads to the strengthening of the syndrome. To provoke a deterioration of the patient capable of the slightest movement, cough. The character of the pain provoked by the passage of a nervous impulse between the ribs.
  2. Burning. The victim can numb certain areas of the skin, observed in the body tingling.
  3. Rise. Is there pain under the shoulder blade on the back will give a hand. To provoke those symptoms capable of increased muscle tone in the shoulder and back.
  4. Sharp. Here the intensity of pain in back under left shoulder blade is too high. Often the patient can not breathe, it is difficult to lie on your left side, traffic becomes unbearable.
  5. Cutting. First, it is localized on the left and then to the center.
  6. A dull, aching pain in my left shoulder blade. It usually occurs when lifting the arm.
  7. Drawing pain syndrome. He often "spread" from the shoulder blade to the lumbar part of the spine.
  8. Sharp.
  9. Constant pain, not giving to breathe normally, to lie, to make movement.
  10. As you can see, there are many different types of discomfort. Therefore, to accurately determine the cause of disease alone will not work. That is, when the presence of pain patient need to see a doctor and undergo a thorough examination.

    Back pain over left shoulder blade2

    Diagnostic features of the disease

    If the patient feels a dull ache starting to ache in the region of the left scapula, the treatment begins with a full examination. Diagnosis involves the following procedure:

    • Radiography of the spine, and it is made from several perspectives. The image may show lung problems.
    • CT.
    • MRI.
    • In the presence of cardiac symptoms, the patient is prescribed an EKG.
    • Ultrasound of internal organs.
    • Instrumental study of the pulse, blood pressure.
    • Biochemical and General blood analysis
    After the examination and determine the cause of the pathological condition of the patient is assigned to treatment. Also he may need a consultation with a cardiologist, gastroenterologist.

    How to treat the disease?

    Of course, if the patient begins to complain of left shoulder blade back, he can't take a deep breath, he needed to start therapy. Methods of eliminate the pain under left shoulder blade are determined by factors that started the mechanism of development of pathological process. It is not enough just to treat the symptoms as they will quickly re-emerge.

    Any disease characterized by its symptoms, therefore, the scheme of treatment is always different. However, each of them contains important recommendations for the observance of a day regimen and diet. Of course, the treatment of dull pains is with the use of drugs.

    How to relieve pain says in his television program Elena Malysheva and her assistants:

    If conservative treatment does not provide positive dynamics of the patient shown operation. For example, surgically treat a hernia of considerable size, ruptured spleen, gastric ulcer, accompanied by internal bleeding.

    When to go to the hospital?

    So, if the discomfort is constantly present, and with a deep breath he becomes stronger, begins to give in hand and other body parts should immediately consult with experts. A simple elimination of symptoms will only worsen the situation, as the disease will continue to develop further.

    Even if the patient knows the cause of your condition, you should not immediately run to a specialist. It is best to consult with a therapist, who will send to the right place.
    Preventive measures

    To fully insure themselves against all diseases is impossible. However, you can try to avoid those factors that trigger a decline in health. For example, should eat right, perform daily physical exercise to keep the body in good shape and train the muscles. In the presence of sedentary work requires regular warm-up. of course, it is better to avoid all sorts of injuries.

    If you know why it hurts under the left shoulder blade in the back, it is possible to start effective treatment. Naturally, some diseases, especially degenerative, fully overcome will not succeed. However correct therapy will help slow down their progression. Stay healthy and do not neglect the advice of experts!