What could be the causes of lower back pain in women? Why do women have sore back?

On the nature of the pain

It is worth saying that quite different may be the character of the pain in the lumbar region. So, she can be aching, dull, sharp, burning, local, or covering large areas of the back. Moreover, these unpleasant sensations can occur in different ways. The pain may increase, appear instantly to grow from day to day. If it happened once and is not repeated, do not worry. In this case, do not panic. However, if the pain occurs intermittently or, worse, increasing, in this situation should immediately seek help from a doctor. After all, it speaks about the presence in the body of certain diseases.

Reason # 1: women's days

What are the causes of lower back pain in women? The first of them is menstruation. Rather, many women feel pain during this time. Why is this happening? All because of accumulation of fluid in the body and as a result, a small increase in body weight (not more than 2 kg). About a couple days before the bleeding appears this unpleasant symptom. And the pain occurs because at this time, shifts the center of gravity of ladies influences the lumbar region. You can handle it. So, experts recommend at this time to drink diuretics. From medikamentosny drugs, to refuse, preferring a Cup of tea from medicinal herbs.

Back pain in women1

Reason # 2: pregnancy

Another very common answer to the question of why a sore lower back in women – child bearing. Having discomfort when the tummy of the expectant mother only becomes noticeable and begins to cause minimal disruption. All because of the extra weight in the waist area, which causes discomfort. In addition, the body ladies while carrying the baby produces the hormone progesterone, which makes weak joints and ligaments. And this leads to an increase in the load on the spine women. In this case, there is aching and nagging pain. Can deal with them using conventional charging or moderate exercise.

Reason # 3: breast

The following causes of lower back pain in women. So, you experience unpleasant feelings may in that case, if ladies Breasts of impressive size. In this case, there is often lumbar pain. The reason is the displacement of the center of gravity. It is somewhat higher than that of girls with small Breasts. At the same time, to maintain the normal balance your pelvis ladies a little backwards, shifting. Muscles experiencing excessive strain, indicating that this pain. In this case, the problem can be solved with a special bra which will support the Breasts and bring your posture back in order.

Back pain in women2

Reason # 4: shoes

If a sore lower back, the causes in women can even hide in the closet. So, for this phenomenon could result in too frequent wearing of high heel shoes. Stiletto heels make a natural curve of the body changes, the pelvis a little raised. In the body there is imbalance, which leads to the occurrence of pain. You can handle it. We only need to wear comfortable shoes, the heel of which does not exceed 5 centimeters.

Reason # 5: heavy bags

Back pain in women3

What are the causes of lower back pain in women? For example, the culprit may be the heavy bag. Ladies in our country do not have the habit to carry or store a huge number of heavy bags of groceries. Specialist say that if a woman with no special physical training is often bags or bags weighing more than 5 kg in a month she will have pain in the lumbar region. To cope with this problem easily. Need or completely stop wearing such heavy loads, or to try to distribute the weight.

Reason # 6: gynecological diseases

The next problem of why a sore lower back women – various gynecological diseases. This can be, for example, inflammation of the appendages or adnexitis. In this case, the pain is mostly in the lower abdomen, but often also "gives" and in the waist.

Reason # 7: the climax

Lower back pain in women may also occur during menopause. In this case, the culprit two main reasons:

  1. Instability of the estrogen – special hormones that affect the blood flow in the pelvic area.
  2. At this time in women can occur and diseases such as osteoporosis, hernia, which leads to pain in the lumbar region.

The above are the causes of lower back pain that deal exclusively with women. However, to create data discomfort can in other cases.

Reason # 8: obesity

Why have a sore lower back? The causes in women can hide in excess weight. Especially often this problem occurs in women of older age. So, there are pain, if the patient has third or fourth degree of obesity. In this case, excess weight causes numerous problems in the body, including excessive strain on the lumbar region.

Other causes of lower back pain

Why is a sore lower back for women? What else can be the causes?

  1. Osteoporosis. In this case, it is severely depleted bone, which causes pain. By the way, this pathology often affects women than men. Although men affected by this problem.
  2. Kidney disease. In this case, pain will occur together with other symptoms. So can vary the pressure of the patient, often swelling.
  3. Appendicitis. In this case, it often hurts in the lower right abdomen. But often the pain can give in the lower back, mainly in her right side
  4. Pancreatitis. Pain when this happens to reach around the circumference of the waist (including hurt and lumbar region). This disease is diagnosed for other accompanying symptoms: violation of defecation, vomiting, tongue coating, etc.
  5. Infections. Lower back pain can occur if involved in the pathogenesis of bone tissue. Most often this is due to bone tuberculosis. Again, the disease is diagnosed by other symptoms, as well as the results of additional research.
  6. Myositis, i.e. inflammation of the muscles. One thing worth mentioning is that inflammatory processes in the lumbar region are quite common, because the load on this area is extremely high. This symptom may arise due to the simple exposure of the specified region. The character of the pain can be quite different.
  7. Tumors. If it hurts below the waist in women, as in men, the reason for this can be tumors (benign or malignant). They arise in the course of nerve fibers and irritating them. Symptoms also can vary, depending on the disease and the degree of its development.

What to do?

Consider next the theme "pain in women: causes." Treatment – this is what I would also like to tell. In the beginning you need to say that it is very important to know why there were these unpleasant feelings. Consider the different situation:

  1. If the pain is caused by injury or stretching, you can drink pain medication. It will reduce inflammation and will remove for a while the pain.
  2. If pain is caused due to edema, you should try to take a diuretic.
  3. In all other cases require specific treatment, which should appoint only qualified.

What not to do

If the cause of back pain is unknown, it is worth remembering what to do in such a case it is impossible:

  1. It is prohibited to heat the area of pain. Heat increases the blood flow, which can cause exacerbation of the inflammatory process.
  2. Long time to relieve pain painkillers. If discomfort appear periodically, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor. Indeed, in this case, the body may just signal a problem that needs to be fought.
  3. Yourself to insert the vertebrae. After all, the reason may not be in the offset. And these actions can lead to the opposite result.

Risk group

There is also a certain risk. It's the people that most others can earn such a problem as lower back pain. These include:

  1. Ladies who have a sedentary job.
  2. Women who engaged in physical labor. Often excessive stress on the body can cause such symptoms.
  3. Working at the cottage can also earn yourself the problem. You need to remember that for a long time can not be in the same position.
  4. Women who are in the cold season dress up too easy. You need to remember that lower back and pelvic organs should be warm. The only way a lady will be able to avoid and therefore do not earn a lower back pain.

If the woman had pain in the lumbar region, as soon as possible to seek help to the doctor. In this case, go to the reception to the neuropathologist, the gynecologist, the urologist, or simply to the therapist.